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Software Product Check-up

Why would you do a health check-up? Usually because you’d want to stay healthy and live longer.

But what about your product? Do you want it to be healthy and strong?

Book a product check-up with us and get a handful of insights about your product

Product check-up is an easy and powerful working session. Together with you we will examine your product strategy and vision and challenge your product methodology. Our goal is to help you identify room for improvement. As a result of this exercise, you will get a transformation roadmap with clear and measurable action items.

Product Check-up will be helpful in case if

  • Your product is growing faster than your team can handle. Everyone is working hard. Yet you feel things may go out of control any time soon.
  • Your product hit a growth plateau. New features and experiments don’t bring any significant results. Some will call it stability, but you know this is a path to degradation.
  • Your product is declining. Whether it’s caused by strong competition or consumer trends, you want to revitalize your product and go back up.

HOW DOES Product Check-up WORK?

1. First touch

In the first meeting we will discuss your current product goals and business limitations. We will ask you to conduct a product demo and provide us with business context. We will determine whether our experts can be helpful to you and your company.

2. Product Check-up workshop

During the Product check-up workshop we will work closely with the Product Leadership Team and facilitate your product assessment. We will start with identifying the current product state, product vision and strategy, and proceed with the backlog of improvements. In the second part, we will collaborate on the transformation roadmap. At the end of the workshop you will have the list of concrete action items and the transformation roadmap.

3. Follow-up

The final step of the Product Check-up is the follow-up session with the Product Leadership Team. We will check the progress of your product transformation and provide you with our follow-up recommendations.

An example of the Product Check-up

The file contains the results of the evaluation of the product development process of XYZ company.
There are the areas identified that need improvement and recommendations for XYZ Company.


Why E5?

  • each of our specialists has hands-on experience and excellent understanding of the topic
  • we have dozens of cases in our portfolio
  • we’re small company and pay a lot of attention to each of our clients
  • our knowledge is proven with many certifications

Our cases

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E5 is a team of professionals in software development who:

  • successfully implemented Agile transformations or conducted consulting in more than 42 companies;
  • performed more than 150 corporate training in Agile, SAFe, project and product management;
  • taught more than 6800 students;
  • develops SAFe community in Ukraine;
  • promotes IIBA and PMI standards in IT community;

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