Scrum Assessment

Fast and simple procedure evaluating the health of Scrum team as a result of which you will get a list of the improvements to make so that your development team truly becomes the team, and finally pulls itself out of the operational bog and starts showing high business performance.

We suggest conducting Scrum Assessment when:

  • all the tasks are completed de-jure, but de-facto business value of the product has not increased;
  • frequently same mistakes occur repeatedly and yet the team does not learn from them;
  • there is way too much time between the moment the requirements are ready and their appearance in the product.

The actual process of Scrum Assessment from E5 is fairly simple for its participants:

  1. 1. The experts from E5 interview the teams paying attention to every single team member.
  2. 2. As a result of the interview a thorough analysis of the pitfalls in the process is conducted, and different approaches to solve the issues are offered.
  3. 3. The report is discussed with the management and in coordination with every team an improvement plan is adapted which the team will be able to implement as a result.


As a result of Scrum Assessment, the company receives a detailed plan with its own relevant development zones as well as clear instructions on how to implement this plan. Statistically our clients need only 50% of our recommendations to help to reduce time to market by 30-50% on average, to increase teams’ engagement and commitment, as well as to help improve communication between the teams and the business. The duration of the audit depends on the size of the team.

The audit is conducted by the experts in Agile methodology and in the classical Project Management – Helen Lubchak and Alex Shebanov. They both have had experience working for outsourcing, outstaffing, and product companies. They also have expertise in Agile transformation and Consulting in Project Management.

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