SAFe® Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop

What is this service for your company?

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The SAFe Implementation Roadmap provides a proven approach for adopting the Scaled Agile Framework. One of the most important steps on this roadmap is to identify the Value Streams within the enterprise. Value streams are the primary construct for organising teams, programs and communication, and delivering value to the customer and to the enterprise itself. Attempting to shortcut or breeze through this crucial step can derail your transformation before it begins. Getting value streams right, however, enables the organisation to accelerate the flow of value across functional silos, activities, and boundaries.

What will your team learn?

During this one-day facilitated workshop, you will learn how to identify your organisation’s operational and development value streams.

You will develop options for organizing your teams along these value streams, optimized for efficiency and delivery. The next step is to pick one value stream and one ART to serve as the pilot train for the journey. And create a roadmap for launching ARTs and value streams.

Specific items that you will learn include:

  • Gain an overview of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap
  • Learn how to identify value streams and ARTs in your organisation
  • Learn to map your current and future organisation design and team structures to the identified value stream
  • Understand the considerations in designing ARTs to realize the value stream
  • Select the first value stream and ART to get your first ‘short-term win’
  • Begin planning for the launch of the initial ART(s)

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We recommend this workshop to

  • Executive sponsors and Portfolio Program Management Officers (PMO)
  • Release Train Engineers and Agile coaches
  • Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • Change Agents

What topics will be covered?

You can expect the following topics to be covered during the workshop:

  • What is a Value Stream?
  • Identify your Operational Value Streams
  • Operational Value Stream Definition
  • Identify IT products, systems and dependencies
  • Identify people and development locations
  • Identify Development Value Streams
  • Review existing Development Value Streams and ARTs
  • Realize ARTs in the Development Value Streams
  • Documenting the Value Stream
  • Identify your most opportunistic Agile Release Train
  • Sequencing ART Launches
  • Determine ART launch sequencing
  • Agree on next steps


Participants should have a good awareness of large-scale agile concepts, especially the Scaled Agile Framework. We typically combine the workshop with an appropriate training workshop such as Leading SAFe or Implementing SAFe.

Е5 is Scaled Agile Bronze Transformation Partner:

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If you are interested in conducting SAFe® Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop for your company, we will be happy to discuss your request. Choose a convenient time for a free consultation:

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About the coach of this service

Alyona Lubchak
CEO @ E5
SPC, PMP, ICP, ICP-ADM, CSM certification

  • CEO and co-founder of Agile consulting agency in Ukraine

  • Guided successful Scaled Agile transformations in Software Product Companies

  • Helped dozens of companies with their Agile journey

  • Conducted hundreds of training events and taught thousands of specialists

  • Guided non-software companies with their Agile implementations

  • Successfully delivered dozens of software products to the market

  • Drives SAFe community in Ukraine