Implementation of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) from E5

Implementation of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is a big challenge tackling which improves the work performance of the whole company by times. Typically working with SAFe arises at companies where close coordination among 4 to 10 teams is essential, where close product ties between the teams are, and yet aspiration to be Agile regardless of the size.

To tackle such a challenge can be done through bringing the professionals who have had vast successful experience with such tasks. And this is exactly what we  are happy to help you with – implementing SAFe.

Why SAFe?

Scaled Agile Framework is the number one framework in the world on scaling in Agile. This has been confirmed in the reports by State of Agile from Version One, Scaling Agile from cPrime, Scrum Master Trends from, State of Scrum from Scrum Alliance. Besides, having implemented SAFe, majority of companies come to the following conclusions:

SAFe Result

What to begin implementing SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) from?

If the task to implement SAFe seems impossible, we are here to assure you it is not. E5 specialists have been successfully working on implementing SAFe in various companies and know from their experience how to make the process of implementation as fast and efficient as possible. Here is the complete road map:

SAFe Impl

It can be performed even in a more simplified way by first identifying which methodologies your teams work on. And if at teams’ level Scrum and Kanban are introduced, then implementing SAFe will be times easier compared to not having this experience in your teams.

How does SAFe transformation happen?

Here are the approximate SAFe implementation steps:

  • Go decision. We identify whether SAFe is the right thing and receive buy-in from C-level management of a company.
  • We audit the existing teams and roles to find out what exactly is missing to launch the framework, and who will be included in our ART (Agile Release Train). This is the way our Value Stream looks.
  • We teach the teams the Basics of SAFe.
  • Go through the first PI and analyse its result.
  • Inspect & Adapt. We continuously improve and adapt the process.
  • We prepare and conduct the first PI Planning.

Then we treat every single client individually by identifying their specific needs: some might need to launch Portfolio level to improve their work on requirements, which means that someone lacking Large Solution level will not cope, whereas someone is just starting their journey in Agile and might require some help at a team level on Scrum implementation. Consequently, the following steps will depend on the current situation of a specific client.

As the result of SAFe transformation, you will receive a working team which will perform and produce with the predictable speed and quality. The whole preparation process for the transformation can take only 1 to 2 months on condition that the management has prioritised this task and the resources are available. Right after the first PI Planning, dependences in the development among different teams will be solved, the goals will be formulated, as well as the work will be thoroughly planned.

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