Case of Scrum Implementation: Goodwine


Goodwine is the largest Ukrainian wine importer and has several retail stores and places like 101 Wine Bar, Yellow, Bakehouse, and Lucky. The company faced several challenges in managing multiple projects in parallel, with varying sizes. The speed of the teams did not meet the business needs, and some tasks were lost, leading to delays and frustration.


To address these challenges, Goodwine decided to implement Scrum. Scrum is an Agile framework for project management that focuses on iterative and incremental development, improving team collaboration, and delivering high-quality products quickly. Scrum promotes continuous improvement and learning, leading to greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

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The implementation of Scrum in Goodwine resulted in several positive outcomes. Firstly, it helped align knowledge in the teams regarding project management and Scrum approaches. Goodwine launched two teams with Scrum, trained two teams on how to use Scrum, and coached the Scrum Master and Product Owner in their new roles.

Scrum enabled Goodwine to complete projects faster, leading to increased customer satisfaction. The iterative approach allowed the teams to identify and address issues early, resulting in fewer bugs and a higher-quality product. Scrum also improved team collaboration and communication, ensuring everyone was working towards the same goals.


The implementation of Scrum in Goodwine enabled the company to meet business needs and customer expectations by delivering high-quality products in a timely manner. Scrum helped the teams to work collaboratively, identify and address issues early, and continuously improve their processes. The success of the Scrum implementation has led to further adoption of Agile practices in other areas of the business, resulting in greater efficiency and better outcomes for Goodwine.

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