Agile Transformation

More and more companies, not only from IT sector, aspire to become flexible and to implement Agile methodologies as well as complying with changing market demands and to meet the demands of the present day.

Agile transformation itself is a long and interesting enough process as it covers not only the process-based changes such as how to plan work, how often and with which participants to hold meetings, how to monitor achievements, etc., but it also involves certain cultural aspects. It changes the mindset of the company and its personnel.

How Agile Transformation from E5 works:

The steps specifically designed to implement Agile transformation will differ depending on; the company’s size and the number of teams involved, on the specific methodology which needs implementing, on the business capability to invest their employees’ time into the studying process and reorganising, etc. However, there are still some important stages to be highlighted:

  1. 1. Go decision. We identify whether a company requires to undergo Agile transformation and receive buy-in from the C-level management of the company.
  2. 2. We conduct the audit of the existing company’s teams and roles, identify bottlenecks in their current development processes, select the best methodology suitable for the current needs of the teams e.g. Scrum, Kanban, XP or other.
  3. 3. We provide the teams with the new methodology.
  4. 4. We get teams ready to work using the new methodology/framework. For instance, if you have chosen Scrum, it will be necessary to decide on the roles i.e. assign the roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master, and decide on who should be on the Development Team, then decide on the details i.e. agree on the time, location, and the list of questions on sprint planning to be discussed, trainings, sprint review, etc. In addition to that, the artefacts should be prepared – the list of tasks for the first planning in particular.
  5. 5. We go through the first sprint and analyse the results.
  6. 6. Inspect & Adapt. We continuously improve and adapt the process.


We are guided by the needs of an individual client: for some, in order to improve their operation, it is essential to dive into the process of market research and to verify product hypothesis, to work on the quality of requirements which are directed to the team; some do not invest into technical aspects, hence, a drastic change in the way that technical tasks area allocated and performed needs to be revised; and others cannot tolerate the business pressure in terms of the change of priorities, and, as a result, they need to learn how to prioritise efficiently. Consequently, all the following steps will depend upon the specifics of the client’s current situation and will normally be conducted and monitoring along with the Product Owner and Scrum Master. As an outcome of Agile transformation you get teams whose work is efficient, who work at a predictable speed and quality, and will be working on creating your product. Overall preparation process for the transformation can take from 1 to 2 months given the priority of the task assigned by the manager and the resources available.

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