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IT consulting service from a team with real hands-on experience

We know exactly how to support your agile journey. We don’t just give advice and share the theory. We fully support you and your company during your agile transformation. Our team constantly checks if the transformation goals are still valid and if they are inline with your business needs and limitations.

How does E5 consulting work?

1. First touch

At the first meeting we discuss the current state of the business, the tasks and the goals to be achieved. We briefly discuss the possible path to transformation. We determine whether our experts can assist you and your company.

2. Go & See

Our experts review your business processes. We perform an audit and formulate detailed goals for the planned transformation. Also we sign all necessary contracts and NDAs. We create our vision of your agile transformation implementation roadmap and approve it with you.

3. Roll out

The next phase of IT consulting service is implementation. We actively involve your employees in the change process so that they can support it and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to work in the improved environment. Our team is actively involved throughout the process: we act as coordinators and mentors, provide the necessary events (training events, lectures, webinars, mentoring sessions), and evaluate progress and results. We don’t just give recommendations. We help your organization to implement them, taking into account your business processes, specifics and constraints.

4. Accelerate and improve

The final step of the transformation is detailed feedback from all stakeholders. We check if the transformation goals have been reached. Our team prepares a list of improvements and further steps to implement them by your leadership team.





Why choose E5 for IT consulting service?

Nowadays, every company is a technology company. It’s extremely important to deliver innovative business solutions faster than your competitors. Business Agility is a must have concept for any business.

Our team has experience in numerous sectors (e.g. automotive, finance, advertising, software outsourcing, e-commerce, medical) with company sizes ranging from 5 to 55 000+ employees.

If you’re not sure that agile approach and IT consulting service is for you, just message us. We’ll help you figure it out based on our expertise.



Our IT consulting services

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SAFe Implementation

Our consultants have been implementing SAFe since 2014. If you are faced with the task of quickly and painlessly switching to SAFe in your company, we will help make this transition as efficient as possible.

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Agile Transformation

We will guide your company through every step of the transformation, help you become more flexible, and will demonstrate how you achieve your business goals faster.

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Project Audit

Project audit is the essential measure to take if the quality and the speed of development and demotivated teams are the issues faced, as well as when the stakeholders’ expectations are not met.

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Building a PMO

We build PMO for a company of any type and size. Our experts with over 10 years of experience will consider all the features of your company and will help devise your own project management approach based on the classical methodology.

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Scrum Assesment

Scrum Assessment is a simple and fast procedure to evaluate your Scrum team as a result of which a precise action plan is formed to boost up its efficiency (team’s bonding, quality and speed of development, focus on the value delivery).

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Product Check-up

Product check-up is an easy and powerful working session. Together with you we will examine your product strategy and vision and challenge your product methodology. Our goal is to help you identify room for improvement.

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Additional service to assist your SAFe implementation

We conduct  SAFe® Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop for companies

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The SAFe Implementation Roadmap provides a proven approach for adopting the Scaled Agile Framework. One of the most important steps on this roadmap is to identify the Value Streams within the enterprise. Value streams are the primary construct for organising teams, programs and communication, and delivering value to the customer and to the enterprise itself.

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