Curriculum Vitae

Boris Lepeshenkov graduated Donetsk National Technical University with a degree in computer science in 2010. He is a certified Oracle Professional Java Developer, and has around 12 years of work experience as a software developer, Team/Tech lead, software consultant, and development manager.


  • Building software architecture
  • Building and managing cross-functional teams
  • Java coaching
  • Organizing SDLC processes
  • Teach non technical people to understand the basics of software development

Project-related expertise (selection)

YayPay – Team Lead/Development Manager

  • Building and managing cross-functional teams
  • Building and implementing software architecture
  • Organizing SDLC processes

Luxoft – Senior Software Developer/Tech Lead

  • Contributing in all phases of the development life cycle;
  • Taking part in pre-sales as a System Architect;
  • Develop solutions for complex design problems;
  • Task decomposition and estimation;
  • Training and mentoring of junior programmers;
  • Refactoring, profiling, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks;

United Thinkers – Software Developer

  • Using new techniques and solutions to solve complex integration problems;
  • Providing solutions for system integration flaws and critical issues;
  • Securing sensitive data;
  • Building frameworks for simplifying the process of development and testing.